A Workflow Diagram or Workflow Chart shows the work done by different individuals, departments or other business groups in sequence to complete a task. It is a distinct form of Flow Chart in that it tends to be more general in terms of actions and decisions, and more relaxed in layout. It is also known as Business Process Mapping which brings together all the activities, data, systems and people involved in the process.

The Workflow Diagram is described by using a flowchart. The work undertaken at each step may be described separately in a process chart. Each step usually needs to be completed before the task is moved to the next stage. The Workflow Diagram takes a broad view of the work to be done by groups across an organisation rather than the more detailed processes requiring inputs, outputs, actions and decisions of a process chart.

The stages of work, and the relationships between different groups within an organisation assist managers to to see their specific part in the task, what parts of the organisation they rely on to receive the task, and what happens after the task moves from their department. A workflow analysis is used to define the workflow.

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