Spreadsheet Template Types

There are a wide range of Templates available for use in Excel, Open Office etc. Here are some example Templates types.

  • Accounting Templates
  • Sales and Marketing Templates
  • Project Management Templates
  • Business Planning Templates
  • Inventory and Billing Templates
  • Budget Templates
  • Human Resources Templates
  • Travel Templates 

Accounting Templates

  • Balance Sheet Template
  • Income Statement Template
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Payslip Template

Sales and Marketing Templates

  • Marketing Plan Template
  • CRM Template
  • Social Media Report Template

Project Management Templates

  • Project Timeline Template
  • Project Management Template
  • Gantt Chart Template
  • To-do List Template

Business Planning Templates

  • Business Plan Template
  • Business Acquisition Worksheet
  • Startup Expenses Template

Inventory and Billing Templates

  • Invoice Template
  • Receipt Template
  • Inventory Management Template

Budget Templates

  • Simple Budget Template
  • Business Budget Template
  • Project Budget Template
  • Event Budget Template
  • Household Budget Template
  • Personal Budget Template
  • Loan Repayment Schedule

Human Resources Templates

  • Payroll Management Template
  • Timecard Template
  • Employee Performance Template 

Travel Templates

  • Expense Report Template
  • Travel Itinerary Template
  • Mileage Tracking Sheet

These template types, and many more, can be found for free at the relevant online template galleries for the spreadsheet software package being used:

Office templates & themes

Apache OpenOffice Templates

Google Sheets - open the Template Gallery