Excel Charts are a useful way of displaying data visually from a selection of rows and columns in a spreadsheet.

Excel shows a series of chart options under the Insert menu item, and a recommended chart type that will show the best option for the data selected.

Steps for developing a chart utilizing on the Chart Wizard in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Software. Firstly specify the Range before beginning the Chart Wizard. The information to be exhibited in a chart is usually selected. While selecting the information, information series names and the classes might be selected.

Chart Wizard: Specify the Chart Form - click Chart Wizard icon. The Chart Wizard window box will be displayed. The Chart Wizard supplies a selection of chart types.

Excel Chart sub types are exhibited so a chart type can be selected. Click a sub type to select it.

Establish Chart Source Data - In this measure information range choice, whether the graph has been to be plotted in Rows or Columns and string are specified. Change or to define data range: Click in the Data range.

Establish Chart Options - The Chart Options dialog contains various tabs to specify Titles, Axes, Gridlines, Legend, Information Label and Information Tables. In on the Titles tab type title for on the graph in on the Chart Title text box and hit Tab key.

Specify the position of the chart. The chart can be either inside on the worksheet as an object, or it may be in its own sheet.

Excel Charts

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