Excel Spreadsheet Templates, Open Office Spreadsheet Templates, and templates for other software can be created and saved, either in the default template location, or to a separate folder. They can then be opened in the Spreadsheet program and used in the same way as a new document or sheet.

Creating Excel Spreadsheet Templates

To create a spreadsheet template from an existing document in Excel, open the workbook to be used and add any text, formatting and functions that should be in the template.

Once the Excel Sheet is ready to be saved as template go to the File Menu and select Save as Template from the dropdown.

Excel Save as Template

When the Save dialogue box opens it will automatically be at the default Templates directory for Excel. Simply name the new Template and click Save.

Excel Template Save

Open the Templates folder in Excel by going to the File menu and select New from Template. The new custom Template will appear in the window.

Excel Saved Template

Creating Open Office Spreadsheet Templates

To create a spreadsheet template from an existing sheet in Open Office, open the sheet to be used and add any text, formatting and functions that should be in the template. 

To save the sheet as a Template go to the File... Templates menu item and select Save... 

The Templates dialogue box will open with the option to name the Template and allocate it to a category.

To create a new Template Category go to the File... Templates... menu and select Organise to open the Template Management box. The Commands dropdown will not have an option at first to create a new Template Category, so select and existing Category then select the Commands dropdown. This will then have options for New and Delete which will can be used to create and remove a Template Category.

Creating Templates

Creating Spreadsheet Templates

Creating a spreadsheet template is a quick and easy way to make your documents more professional. You can create a…

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