A Guide for Teams and Organizations

Efficient management of spreadsheet templates in Google Drive is crucial for teams and organizations to streamline workflows and maintain consistency across projects. This tutorial will cover best practices for organizing, sharing, and maintaining access to Google Sheets templates, ensuring that your team can work effectively and stay on the same page.


  • Learn to organize spreadsheet templates in Google Drive for easy access.
  • Understand how to share templates with your team or organization.
  • Discover strategies for maintaining access and control over template usage.


  • A Google account, preferably part of a Google Workspace for organizations.
  • Basic familiarity with Google Drive and Google Sheets.

Materials Needed

  • A computer with internet access.
  • Example spreadsheet template (e.g., a project budget template).

Step-by-Step Instructions

Example Spreadsheet Template

Consider a project budget template with the following structure:

Category Q1 Budget Q2 Budget Q3 Budget Q4 Budget Notes
Marketing $5,000 $5,500 $6,000 $6,500 Launch campaign
Product Development $10,000 $10,500 $11,000 $11,500 New features
Operations $4,000 $4,200 $4,400 $4,600 Upgrade systems

Step 1: Organizing Templates in Google Drive

  1. Create a Dedicated Folder: In Google Drive, create a new folder named "Templates" or something specific to your team's needs, like "Marketing Templates".
  2. Organize by Category: Within the "Templates" folder, create subfolders for different categories (e.g., "Budgets", "Project Plans") to make templates easier to find.
  3. Naming Conventions: Name your templates clearly and consistently. For example, "Project Budget Template - YYYY" indicates the template's purpose and the applicable year.

Step 2: Sharing Templates with Your Team

  1. Set Folder Permissions: Right-click the "Templates" folder, select "Share", and enter the email addresses or Google Groups of your team. Choose "Editor" access if you want team members to add or modify templates.
  2. Share Individual Templates: To share a specific template, open the template in Google Sheets, click the "Share" button, and follow the same process. This method is useful for templates that need restricted access.
  3. Use Google Groups: For larger teams or organizations, create a Google Group for different departments or project teams. Share the template or folder with the group to streamline access management.

Step 3: Maintaining Access and Control

  1. Manage Editors: Regularly review who has editing access to your templates. Limit editors to those who need to update templates to prevent unwanted changes.
  2. Version History: Utilize Google Sheets' version history feature (File > Version history > See version history) to track changes and revert to previous versions if necessary.
  3. Update Notifications: Consider setting up a process for notifying team members when templates are updated or new templates are added. This could be through email, a team communication platform, or a shared calendar.

Tips and Tricks

  • Bookmarking: Encourage team members to bookmark the "Templates" folder in their browsers for quick access.
  • Template Gallery: Explore using Google Workspace's template gallery feature for organizations, which allows you to submit templates for easy access by all team members directly within Google Sheets.
  • Feedback Loop: Create a mechanism for receiving feedback on templates, such as a Google Form or a dedicated Slack channel, to continuously improve your resources.


Managing spreadsheet templates in Google Drive efficiently can significantly enhance your team's productivity and ensure consistency across projects. By organizing templates thoughtfully, sharing them appropriately, and maintaining control over access and updates, you can create a robust system that supports your team's needs and workflows.

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