Excel Spreadsheet Templates, Open Office Spreadsheet Templates, and templates for other software can be downloaded and saved, either in the default template location, or to a separate folder, and opened in the Spreadsheet program.

Spreadsheet Templates are very useful for often used documents such as invoices, receipts, or standard reports.

Using Excel Spreadsheet Templates

Templates can either be created and saved (see Creating Templates) or obtained from elsewhere such as downloaded from the internet. There are a lot of free Excel spreadsheet templates available with a simple search, and they may be ideal for the task, or require some editing and saving again before use.

In Excel, go to the File menu and select New from Template.

Excel New from Template

A new window will open containing all the Templates that are stored in the default location. Select the one to use and click Create in the bottom right to open a document based on that template. Once opened it can be used as a workbook and saved to a suitable folder.

Excel Templates Window

If the Template needs to be edited, this can be done and then saved as a new Template to the Excel Templates default folder. Or an existing sheet that has been formatted with formulas and layout can be saved as a template.

Using Open Office Spreadsheet Templates

In Open Office new templates can be downloaded and saved in the default location. This location can be set to another. easier to use folder, by going to the Open Office preferences and selecting the Paths... Templates... option. 

Once saved the spreadsheet Template for Open Office will appear in the File... Templates.. menu option, and also under the File... New... Template and Documents option.

Simply find and select the required Open Office Template to create a new sheet. This can then be used and saved to a suitable folder.

Using Templates

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