Spreadsheet templates are a great tool for those who use spreadsheets often. They can be used in many different ways, and they can save you time and effort when it comes to creating new spreadsheets or modifying existing ones. Spreadsheets are used for all sorts of things - from keeping track of food supplies at a restaurant to tracking your personal finances. If you want to create a spreadsheet but don't want to start from scratch every time, consider using one of the free templates available online.

General Templates

A template is a pre-established spreadsheet that can be used to create new spreadsheets or modify existing ones. Utilizing templates makes it easier for you to create new spreadsheets, while also saving time by including certain elements such as formatting and formulas. Spreadsheet templates are shared among multiple users, so if you find one that fits your needs perfectly, it might be beneficial to work with it regularly instead of creating your own from scratch each time.

Since there are so many types of spreadsheets out there, we've categorized them into broad categories that are most applicable for business users: budgeting & planning; data management; financial analysis; general task management; marketing & sales tracking; project management; recruitment tracking & scheduling; risk analysis/portfolio analysis (e.g., Monte Carlo simulation); scientific data analysis (e.g., statistics); simulations (e.g., optimization).

Accounting Templates

Accounting templates are used in accounting to create invoices, purchase orders, and sales receipts. There are also accounting templates that can be used to create budget reports and profit and loss statements.

Calendars and Planners

Calendars and planners are the most common types of spreadsheets used in businesses today. They're designed to keep track of appointments, deadlines, and other events that need to be planned in advance.

Calendars and planners can also be used for personal use. For example, if you have a family member who is always forgetting important dates or events, you can create a calendar on your spreadsheet to remind them of what needs to happen on any given day.

If you want to create calendars and planners in your spreadsheet but aren't sure how it works, here's a simple guide:

  • First open up Excel (or whichever spreadsheet program you prefer)

  • Go through the tabs until you find one called "Sheets - 9". This will be where all your documents are stored on this particular spreadsheet template page so make sure not only do they have names but they're organized well!

Finance Templates

Financial templates are designed to help you manage, organize and analyze financial data. They can be used to create budgets, track expenses and plan for taxes. Financial templates can be used for personal or business use depending on what type of finances you are tracking.

If you are interested in keeping track of your personal finances then a general finance template would work best for you. These templates allow users to track net worth across multiple accounts such as savings accounts, checking accounts and credit cards. This information is vital for analyzing whether or not someone has enough money saved up for emergencies such as medical bills or car repairs.

If a company needs a way to manage their cash flow then they'll likely want to use an accounting spreadsheet instead of just any old template because accounting spreadsheets will keep track of both revenues and expenses much more accurately than other options would allow them too which means that their profit margins will increase over time thanks to better management practices being put into place by using this type of software application!

Marketing Templates

Marketing templates are used to create marketing plans. They can be used to create a marketing plan for a specific product, campaign, or company.

Project Management Templates

Project management templates are perfect for planning, tracking and reporting. They're a great way to keep track of your projects and make sure they stay on track. You can use project management templates as a starting point for your own customized toolkit or even share them with others in your company or organization.

Here's an example of a project management template:

  • Project name

  • Project manager's name

  • Project start date (date)

  • Project end date (date)

  • Description of project

Sales and CRM Templates

Sales and CRM templates are the most popular types of spreadsheet templates. A sales template is used for tracking sales leads and opportunities, while a CRM template tracks customer information, including contact details and past interactions with the company. Both types of templates can be used to track sales leads, but they can also be used to track revenue generated from each sale.

CRM templates are typically organized into sections that represent various elements of a customer's relationship with your brand. Some CRM templates include sections for creating new customers or contacts, as well as keeping track of existing ones through their lifecycles (such as when an account was created). Additionally, these spreadsheets include tabs for managing activities related to each contact such as creating quotes or proposals for them, sending emails about upcoming events at your company's office space - which may include features like virtual reality headsets - or making phone calls after hours when necessary (because some businesses don't operate on traditional workdays).

Schedule and Shift Planning Templates

Scheduling and shift planning templates are a helpful way to keep track of daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedules. They're also great for organizing your staff's workload in an efficient manner.

If you're looking for a simple way to schedule your business or team's tasks into the future, then try using one of our scheduling templates below!

A spreadsheet template is a file that you can use to create new spreadsheets or modify existing ones.

A spreadsheet template is a file that you can use to create new spreadsheets or modify existing ones. A spreadsheet template saves time and effort when creating a new spreadsheet.

You can use spreadsheet templates to make spreadsheets more efficient, saving time and effort.

Spreadsheet templates can be used to create spreadsheets in different formats based on your requirements, which helps make them versatile for any situation where they're needed.


A spreadsheet template is a file that you can use to create new spreadsheets or modify existing ones. The templates include everything from basic accounting and time management spreadsheets, to customized sales and marketing plan templates.

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