These pages contain a number of Google Sheets Example Spreadsheets.

Budget Tracker Spreadsheet

Dataset: Simple budget with income and expenses.

Formulas: SUM to calculate total income, expenses, and balance.

Grade Book Spreadsheet

Dataset: Student names and their scores.

Formulas: AVERAGE to find average score, MIN/MAX for highest and lowest scores.

Event Planner Spreadsheet

Dataset: List of items needed for an event, quantities, and costs.

Formulas: Multiplication for total cost per item, SUM for total cost.

Monthly Attendance Tracker Spreadsheet

Dataset: Names of students or employees, days of the month.

Formulas: Using COUNTIF to count presence or absence, SUM for total days present in a month.

Project Timeline and Task List Spreadsheet

Dataset: Project tasks, start dates, end dates, status (e.g., Pending, In Progress, Completed).

Formulas: DATEDIF to calculate the duration of each task, conditional formatting to visually indicate the status of tasks.

Inventory Management Spreadsheet

Dataset: Item names, quantities in stock, reorder level.

Formulas: IF statements to indicate items that need reordering, SUM for total inventory count.

Sales Report Spreadsheet

Dataset: Product names, units sold, price per unit.

Formulas: Multiplication for total sales per product, SUM for total sales, AVERAGE, MIN, and MAX for sales analytics.

Fitness Tracker Spreadsheet

Dataset: Daily activities, duration, calories burnt.

Formulas: SUM to total weekly/monthly activity durations and calories, AVERAGE for average calories burnt per activity.

Class Assignment Tracker for Students

Dataset: Assignment names, due dates, status (e.g., Not Started, In Progress, Completed), grades received.

Formulas: DATEDIF to calculate days until due, conditional formatting for approaching deadlines, AVERAGE for average grade.

Expense Tracker for a Trip

Dataset: Expense categories (e.g., food, accommodation, transport), amounts, dates.

Formulas: SUM to calculate total expenses, SUMIF to sum expenses by category.

Reading Log Spreadsheet

Dataset: Book titles, authors, start and finish dates, page count.

Formulas: DATEDIF for days taken to read each book, SUM for total pages read, COUNT for the number of books read.

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