Help Save Time and Money with Spreadsheet TemplatesGoogle Docs, Microsoft Office and other cloud-based document storage solutions are great for collaborating on team projects and sharing files. But if you need to organize and track data while having a single spreadsheet style, you may want to consider using a spreadsheet template. Checking or tracking budgets, inventory, sales figures or other metrics is essential in any business. With the right spreadsheet template, you can streamline this process so that entering new data is simple and tracking old information is automatic, and the format, layout and style stays the same as specified by the template. You’ll save time keeping your business organized and stay efficient with these tools. In this article we will show you some useful templates that help manage your company’s finances more effectively.

What is a Spreadsheet Template?

A spreadsheet template is a pre-made spreadsheet that you can use to input and manipulate data using a pre-defined style and operations. They are designed to be easy to use, so anyone with basic spreadsheet skills can start using data right away, without having to create their own spreadsheet from scratch. There are many types of spreadsheet templates, from inventory tracking sheets to marketing project management templates. You can find spreadsheet templates online or you can create your own spreadsheet templates to help you track specific kinds of information more efficiently. When you use a spreadsheet template, you’ll usually enter your data into the pre-made spreadsheet cells. The spreadsheet template will then automatically calculate and present your data as charts, graphs, or other visual representations.

Finance Tracking Spreadsheet Templates

Spreadsheet Templates - How They Can Help You Save Time and MoneyThe Finance Tracking spreadsheet template is designed to track company revenue, spending and financial projections. This spreadsheet is particularly useful for tracking short- and long-term budgets. For example, if you use this template to keep track of your monthly budget, you can enter new data each month and see how well you’ve stayed on track. This is helpful for keeping your spending under control. If you use this template to track long-term budgets, such as a project budget, you can enter new data as the project progresses. This will allow you to easily track spending and revenue as the project unfolds.

Inventory Tracking Spreadsheet Templates

The Inventory Tracking spreadsheet template can be used to track inventory items or assets. You can use this template to track details about each item, such as its location, cost and expected useful life. This template can help you determine how much inventory you need to keep on hand and how much each item is costing your business. Inventory tracking is essential in many industries, including retail, food service and more. This spreadsheet is designed to be simple to use. You can enter data such as an item’s ID, quantity, location and cost. The template will automatically calculate other information, such as the item’s value.

Marketing Tracking Spreadsheet Templates

Spreadsheet Templates - How They Can Help You Save Time and MoneyThe Marketing Tracking spreadsheet template is designed to help you streamline your marketing efforts. This template allows you to keep track of marketing campaigns and their progress. You can use this spreadsheet to track the different stages of your marketing campaigns, including their start date, due date and progress. This will allow you to easily keep track of each campaign’s status. This template also allows you to track important metrics, such as how much money your campaigns have brought in and how many people they have reached. You can use this spreadsheet to track other important marketing data, such as the cost of your campaigns and their return on investment (ROI).

Excel vs. Google Sheets: Which is Better for Tracking Spreadsheets?

Both Excel and Google Sheets can be used to create useful spreadsheet templates. In fact, Microsoft has a feature called Macros that allows you to create automated Google Sheets spreadsheets. However, Excel and Google Sheets have different strengths that make one better than the other for certain spreadsheet tracking tasks. For example, Excel offers more robust financial analysis tools. This makes it ideal for calculating figures such as ROI or financial projections. It also provides more formatting options than Google Sheets, which makes it better for creating visually appealing spreadsheets. On the other hand, Google Sheets allows multiple people to collaborate on the same spreadsheet at the same time. This makes it better for team projects where several people need to edit the same spreadsheet.


Spreadsheets are a great way to keep track of your business finances. Using a spreadsheet template can help you stay organized and efficiently track data, including inventory, financial projections and marketing campaigns. If you are using a spreadsheet to track important information, it can be helpful to use a spreadsheet template to save time and make your spreadsheet more visually appealing. Using a spreadsheet template is also a good way to make sure everyone on your team is using the same format when entering data.

Using Templates

Excel Spreadsheet Templates, Open Office Spreadsheet Templates, and templates for other software can be downloaded and…

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