How to Download Templates

Online Spreadsheet Templates can be Downloaded and used to produce further free Templates for creating reports and presentations, or for general data analysis.

There is a vast array of both free and paid resources for downloading Templates for Excel, Open Office Calc and other spreadsheet software such as Google Sheets. See our other sections on how to create, edit and use spreadsheet templates, and some tips on using them for Google Sheets.

In Microsoft Excel there is a built in option for searching for online templates that makes the process vey easy. Also, the Office website has a section for Excel Templates.

With OpenOffice the Calc spreadsheet program has a link to the main Apache OpenOffice templates website where you can browse spreadsheet templates by category, applications, or search using keywords.

Google's online spreadsheet called Sheets doesn't have the ability to download templates, but existing sheets can be used as the base for new documents, effectively using them as a template.

As with all internet based resources it pays to search carefully, and use specific terms to find the ideal Template ready for the use you have in mind.